tsunami water solutions specializes in

High Volume Water Transfer Services.

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Tsunami Water Solutions has extensive equipment readily available for hydraulic fracturing.

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Oil & Gas

Providing integrated water management solutions for the oil and gas sector.

Advanced and efficient methods to move, supply, treat and reuse mine water resources

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Mining & Industrial

Providing integrated water management solutions to the mining sector.

Stormwater infrastructure is often overlooked within municipalities despite its impact on water infrastructure.

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Municipality & Emergency

Providing integrated water management solutions for municipalities.

Our services will help you

Address your unique challenges safely and efficiently.

Flood Mitigation

Flood mitigation involves the management and control of flood water movement, such as redirecting flood run-off.

Water Transfer

High volume, high pressure capabilities for long cross-country transfers and real time pumping to service fracking operations.

Project Management

Get expert help with designing and scouting water lines, permit applications, water consumption reporting and picker services.


Choose from our selection of quality equipment or contact us for crews to assist in all operations.

Tsunami Water Solutions

Tsunami Water Solutions

Get a trustworthy and experienced team to help guide you through your most difficult water challenges.

A few years back we were asked to move a large amount of water in extreme winter conditions, across a mountain range that was over 72 kilometers in length. This operation was business critical, time sensitive and dangerous. Our experienced team completed this job on time, under budget and most importantly, safely.

Tsunami Water Solutions

Our experienced team will create a custom project timeline, equipment assessment and budget overview promptly.

Why Tsunami Water Solutions?

Imagine having the stress and financial pressure of addressing your water issues completely removed.

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Safety is our job

Tsunami Water Solutions believes that safety should be first in mind when making daily decisions at every level of our operations. We are dedicated to working with the communities in which we operate to maintain an extremely safe work environment as to not hinder their daily lives and ensure everyone is safe on our project sites including the public and the environment. Our safety program is understood, embraced and strictly followed by all levels of employees. Currently, Tsunami Water Solutions is a member of ISNet World, ComplyWorks and Avetta as well as has a COR with Energy Safety Canada.

tsunami water solutions

Our clients put trust in our team, and we do not take that lightly.

Get a trustworthy and experienced team to help guide you through your most difficult water challenges.